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Sometimes Courage

The story doesn’t always go the way we plan. And the story doesn’t always end the way we want it to. Kitty Robinson could never have imagined that her life story would include birthing seven children and adopting an eighth, having brain surgery, two heart surgeries, and running the Boston Marathon the year of the bombing. She also could never have imagined having enough courage to face those trials as each one came along. But through the telling of her compelling life story, Kitty weaves in the message that courage doesn’t often come in big doses. By keeping her eyes on the Lord, and keeping her feet on the path before her, she has learned that sometimes courage comes just one step at a time.


Sometimes Courage Training Journal

This one year running journal, inspired by Kitty Robinson's book "Sometimes Courage", is a stand-alone training journal that uses weekly scripture and quotes from the book to keep you inspired on your daily journey toward a healthier you! Dates are blank so you can use it in any year. Pages offer space to record weather, time, workout notes, how you felt, weekly focus, terrain, cross training, and total daily, weekly, and annual mileage. This journal also includes goal setting pages, race recap pages, and space to record your personal records. While this journal is geared towards runners, it can be used to record all types of fitness training. Use this journal to help you stay focused on reaching your courageous goals... one step at a time!


Coming April 22: The Runaway Housewives of the Appalachian Trail

When these housewives agreed to section hike the Appalachian Trail, they didn’t know what they were saying yes to. As busy moms with nearly 30 kids between them, they needed something different. The everyday tasks of meal planning, bedtime rituals, and endless loads of laundry left them risking the loss of who they were as individuals. They learned that hiking the trail together could give them a short break from the ordinary and allowed them to tackle something extraordinary.

Read this real-life story of these Runaway Housewives who found adventure in the woods, and you just might find inspiration for lacing up your own hiking boots to discover what life on the trail has to offer your spiritual, emotional, and physical health.


Gratitude Journal

Recording gratitude is a simple act with powerful effects. This 130 page gratitude journal includes:

  • Intro by Kitty Robinson

  • Lined pages (26 lines per page)

  • Enough room to record over 3,000 points of gratitude

  • Thoughtful gift for moms, grads, and anyone wanting to grow a heart of gratitude

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