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Join us on any one of our wellness focused events

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Hike + Yoga Mini-Retreat

The hike + yoga mini-retreats take place one Saturday per month and start at the hike/bike entrance just past the main Dauset Trails entrance. We start with a 1.5 mile easy level hike to an outdoor lake-side chapel where we will enjoy a 20-minute standing yoga practice. Then we will hike 0.6 miles back to the parking area. The entire outings last about 1.5 hours and is suitable for all fitness levels.

  • Bring a water bottle and wear comfy shoes.

  • No mat needed.

  • Must pre-register.

  • Cost: $10

  • Check the calendar for dates.

Workday Mini-Retreats

Pamper your employees by offering them a mid-day mini-retreat. This experience is suitable for all fitness levels and does not require any special clothing. I will bring mats and will guide your staff through a refreshing class that will leave them feeling invigorated and ready for a productive day. 

Active Senior Couple
Yoga Block

Conference Movement Moments

Conferences can get long, leaving participants mentally and physically drained. Research shows that movement breaks can reinvigorate the mind and body, priming attendees for greater alertness. I bring the element of movement to events and lead groups in short sessions (5-20 minutes) that can also incorporate scripture or phrases that correspond with the conference theme. These movement breaks help to underscore the success of the conference as a whole by working with the body's design to function best with movement to break up the monotony of sitting. These breaks are designed to be done in any setting with no equipment or special clothing. 

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