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20x20 Outdoor Challenge

I'm inviting you to join me for my 20x20 Outdoor Challenge! Just make a goal of getting in some type of outdoor activity for 20 minutes and do it for at least 20 days out of the month- that's it!

Many people incorrectly assume that wellness can only be achieved by investing big chunks of time everyday, but that line of thinking often keeps people feeling defeated and keeps them from even getting out the door.


Instead, read below to see what just 20 minutes of outdoor activity most days can do for you & then click the button below to get a free printable to record your progress.

Let's have some extra fun with this! Share a picture of your completed progress chart tagging #20x20outdoorchallenge & you'll be entered to win a prize from me. Details are on the printable, so download it now. 

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Why Exercise Outdoors?
(Sources: Piedmont Healthcare , US News, & Yale Medicine)

Activity Ideas

Running   Walking   Hiking   Biking   Walking the Dog   Chopping Wood   Yard Work    Geocaching

Skiing   Shoveling Snow   ElliptiGo   Playing with the Kids   Raking   Climbing    Paddling   Kayaking   Swimming

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