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Run Coaching


My lifelong love of running was sparked on the dirt road I lived on while growing up in Central Florida. I went from racing my siblings from mailbox to mailbox as a young girl to running marathons alongside my siblings as an adult. I have completed 15 marathons (including the Boston Marathon) and countless road races. I love every distance from the 5K to the marathon and hope to jump into the ultra-world at some point.
As a mother of 8 and a heart and brain surgery survivor, I am no stranger to setbacks to my running. I have personally developed the art of the comeback and find great joy in helping others find their groove as a runner, as well.
I am a certified UESCA running coach and also a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor (with a focus on yoga). I coach competitive high school athletes, competitive masters runners, walkers trying to incorporate running into their routine, and anyone else who wants an experienced cheerleader in their corner.

What I Offer

I offer the following support for my athletes for just $75 per month. While you pay monthly, I ask that you commit to 3 months of coaching so you can see the benefits!

Girl Running

Personalized Training Plans

I provide a personalized training plan designed around your schedule and tailored to achieve your goals. The plan is delivered to you through the FinalSurge app, where I can also check in on your progress. 

Running Shoes


With check-ins at least twice a week, you will know that your coach has your back. The accountability I provide can help you push through rough patches and stay on track to reach your goals. 

Staying Fit

Unlimited Communication

As your coach, I'm available to you anytime by text or email. We can also schedule weekly or monthly phone calls.

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